Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stay Gold, at all Costs. [Gazing up at starry skies]

“It costs money, you know, to look this cheap…”

Dollar store eyeliner,
Not Chanel, you fucking liar
Fraud-a bag dangling,
Extensions tangling

“How often do you seriously stop to think about even the celebrities aren’t as fake as you…?”

How can you stand there and lie
When the rest of us just sit here and try
To be like what Hollywood tells us to be
Doing shit we’ll regret when we’re thirty.

Leave me alone.

Hold my hand.

Go choke.

Gimme a hug…

Metal in your [eyes, nose, lips] face,
Everything perfectly in place
Too much makeup, conjunctive virus
Gorgeous, flawless OHSODESIROUS

“It costs money, you know…”

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