Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I need to memorize every line of his face so I can write about it for the prison poetry slam--'cause that's what prison's like right?

I’m gonna make you explode,
I’m gonna drown in your pain

The best part is
I’m gonna enjoy it

Razor blade meets white chocolate flesh
Cotton candy tongue meets infected blood
Jagged fingernails hit lollipop bones

You’re the one who wanted to be in a world of your own
You’re the one who wanted it to be this way

C’mon, baby, let me hear how it feels.

Monday, May 21, 2007

masturbatory release

[From the view of the older brother]
He’s too young for me
But he’s so hard
And he’s so adorable

I just wanna fuck his little brains out
It’s still incest; it’s still wrong
But it’s not rape

You can tell, you can tell
From the way his eyes tell the truth
That his mind is saying NO
And his body’s telling his mind to go fuck itself
His heart’s trying to hide behind the bars of bone
But it’s beating too fast and too loud
To not be heard or seen.

[From the little brother]
“Is it wrong, brother? Is it bad?”
He tells me it’s okay, that it’s all right
And my body feels funny
But I’m so scared

I have to let him
To make the funny feeling go away
It feels so good when he touches me there

I kiss him like they did in that video
And I let him have what he wants

Even though he’s going to hurt me
I don’t know that
I just love my brother

Friday, May 4, 2007

Ich bin Ihr

Niemand kennt mich, wie Sie
Niemand kann mich verletzen [die Weise Sie]
Stellen Sie vor sich, was wir gewesen sein könnten
Wenn Sie mich gerade behauptet haben würden

In Kreise herum laufen
Erinnern Sie sich die an Weise, die Sie pflegten, mich zu warnen
Über die Schere
Ich sollte gehört haben, recht

Niemand kennt mich die Weise, die Sie
Verletzen Sie mich wie Sie Liebe zu
Nehmen Sie mich zurück
Behaupten Sie mich weg von ihm

Niemand kennt mich, wie Sie
Niemand kann mich verletzen [die Weise Sie]
Stellen Sie vor sich, was wir gewesen sein könnten
Wenn Sie mich gerade behauptet haben würden.

Ich bin Ihr

Monday, April 2, 2007

une connerie plus française

les reines boulimiques de scène
veulent être les cigarettes et le rhinestone barettes.
de surgeries.

que vous obtenez ce qui obtenez vous pour ce que vous avez paid.

scintillez le foreplay bombardé
il est cher dans ces pants.

prêtent l'attention aux marques de rouge à lèvres, un substance.
commandé de la passion pas
sequined le panties

que vous veuillez être watched.

laissez-moi vont.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

c'est mon coin.

ongles de fumée de cigarette
mordus vers le bas au point
de saignement
une pleine poche de pennies canadien

se reposant sous un streetlamp,
un overhead parti clignotant
un ciel sans lune, un feu de forêt inside.

un téléphone cassé de cellules,
une balle vide,
déchiré un bal d'étudiants dress.

les talons sont interrompus,
juste des fishnets des $500 dollars un pair.

sont déchirés,
le sang fonctionnant du knee.

est le yet?
peint par image

que le seul survivant du bombardement est celui qui a gagné le pageant.

Haunt Couture

Smile, smile, strike a pose.
Daring Red, Dashing Rose
Silken fabrics cut so lean,
Anorexia is for me.

Bones poking, hands shaking,
So thin, it’s law-breaking.
Two percent body fat,
What the fuck is up with that?

Needles pointing, muscles clenching,
Drama, drama, heart-wrenching

Two Percent Body Fat,
What the fuck is up with that?

Pass out on the street,
Or in my Cadillac’s backseat;
Forget about me, all alone
Please don’t let me break a bone.

Two percent body fat,
What the fuck is up with that?

Mirror, Mirror
On The wall
Who’s the thinnest
Of them all?

I eat less than I should
Maybe now I’ll sleep for good.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Please catch me if I fall.

Two Percent Body Fat,
What the Fuck is up with that?
Needles pointing, muscles clenching…

“What muscles are even left you stupid bitch…”

Mirror, Mirror
…Let me fall…

[lyrics, don't steal]

Stay Gold, at all Costs. [Gazing up at starry skies]

“It costs money, you know, to look this cheap…”

Dollar store eyeliner,
Not Chanel, you fucking liar
Fraud-a bag dangling,
Extensions tangling

“How often do you seriously stop to think about even the celebrities aren’t as fake as you…?”

How can you stand there and lie
When the rest of us just sit here and try
To be like what Hollywood tells us to be
Doing shit we’ll regret when we’re thirty.

Leave me alone.

Hold my hand.

Go choke.

Gimme a hug…

Metal in your [eyes, nose, lips] face,
Everything perfectly in place
Too much makeup, conjunctive virus
Gorgeous, flawless OHSODESIROUS

“It costs money, you know…”