Monday, May 21, 2007

masturbatory release

[From the view of the older brother]
He’s too young for me
But he’s so hard
And he’s so adorable

I just wanna fuck his little brains out
It’s still incest; it’s still wrong
But it’s not rape

You can tell, you can tell
From the way his eyes tell the truth
That his mind is saying NO
And his body’s telling his mind to go fuck itself
His heart’s trying to hide behind the bars of bone
But it’s beating too fast and too loud
To not be heard or seen.

[From the little brother]
“Is it wrong, brother? Is it bad?”
He tells me it’s okay, that it’s all right
And my body feels funny
But I’m so scared

I have to let him
To make the funny feeling go away
It feels so good when he touches me there

I kiss him like they did in that video
And I let him have what he wants

Even though he’s going to hurt me
I don’t know that
I just love my brother

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